Terraforming mars and building a Colony

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Elon Musk has been thinking about Mars for a long time, and as he recently put it: “I’ve been trying to figure out how to get humans to Mars for a long time. He has said that it would take 100 years to get humans to Mars, but if you don’t count the extra time it would take to terraform Mars, it would take only 50 years.

Temporary habits and the Mars Colony

Mars is a very dry planet, and it is unlikely that humans would survive in such a harsh environment. So, Musk proposes that we terraform it, or at least partially terraform it, into a habitable Earth-like planet. What does he mean by “terraform”? Terraforming mars is the process of transforming an inhospitable environment into one that is more habitable. “We’ll start by doing a series of chemical and physical processes to warm the Martian atmosphere and make it a little bit more like Earth. Then we’ll have a series of orbital habitats that will be semi-permanent, and then we’ll build a base there.”

So, it is not just about building an orbiting habitat that will remain in orbit for the whole time? No. It will be a series of habitats that will be built out over time.  The first stage of terraforming would be to warm the Martian atmosphere ( NUKES NUKES NUKES ! ) so that it is similar to Earth’s. Musk has said that it would take 100 years to warm the Martian atmosphere to the point that it is similar to Earth’s.

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How long before we can start Terraforming Mars

So, it sounds like we would have to wait for 100 years for the first stage of terraforming mars. Exactly. We’ll start off warming the atmosphere up and then over the next hundred years we’ll warm it up further and further until it’s at a level that it’s similar to Earth.” How long would it take to terraform Mars? “It would take a few hundred years to warm the atmosphere up to the point where it’s like Earth, and then it would take a few hundred years to build all the habitats.” So, it would take a few hundred years to terraform Mars completely.

The final frontier and you

Space exploration has my obsession since childhood. I was inspired by Star Trek and not so much the moon landing. There are many obstacles still to overcome. It is safe to say that humans will reach the stars one day. I have said it before and I will say it again. Space is the final frontier. Looking to the stars for exploration is one of our greatest and most expensive adventures.

There are many ways that you can still be a part of this adventure. You could work directly for a government space agency like NASA, or you can work for the ever-growing private space exploration companies. Companies such as Space X and Boeing are always looking for talented people who share the same dream. If that’s not your thing, you can also build your own technology and supply the space industry with anything from window seals to space suites and even rocket components. Whatever your skills, Mars will need everything from Scientist to Window Cleaners. In the future every industry will be needed on Mars as it is on Earth.

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