?Halloween is here and here are some great things to do ?

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halloween pumpkins

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year! There are all sorts of spooky things to do. If you were ever scared up in the haunted mansion, or at the haunted house, you already know how jump out of your socks. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing fun left to do besides ghosts and scary things. Let’s see what cool Halloween activities are in stores and available for you.

Halloween Activities for Kids

The costume competition! Costume contests at your preschool or elementary school can keep a group scared and laughing. There are lots of costume contests at Halloween shops around the country. If you have a kid who would rather dress up with a costume contest then a theme party is the better option in my book. Just be sure to find the costume contest and theme parties close to your home for the best chance. It will be your children’s favorite holiday season.

At the Museum

The Smithsonian’s Museum of American History has a scary history of Halloween that’s pretty awesome. If you have any interest in history at all, this is a must visit. There’s plenty of horror that’s happening as well. The museum has a Haunted Museum of the Revolution that shows various historical horrors and battles. There is also the Haunted Discovery Center which has all sorts of scary things.

Parties with Halloween Decorations

Halloween parties are a great time to be in town for Halloween. There are tons of different options when it comes to decorations and Halloween parties. You can buy a small and large package so that you can get everything you might need for your party. There are plenty of restaurants open that have Halloween specials just in case that’s your thing!

Haunted Tours

Every season there are plenty of ghost walking tours. You might want to look into these tours as they’re free and you get to see everything the Halloween city has to offer. Unbelievably there is one place you’ll enjoy these tours and that is at the National Cemetery.

Spookiness In the Woods

This is a pretty neat activity that takes place as the moon starts turning the trees red when the night comes. This will take you to a beautiful wooded area where you’ll be treated to some fun games like corn hole and bingo.

Haunted Hotels

When you’re looking for Halloween haunted hotels you’re going to want to search online because there are some great options. There are great hotels all over this fine nation and they’re always busy for Halloween. Check out your local hotels to see what events they may be offering for this Halloween.

Haunted History

There are tons of things like this happening around the country which is always a fun experience. Check out the “Haunted History” section of your local Museum. Not only do they display some amazing and creepy things they also have fun ghost shows. This depends on where you live, however most do have some events on during this time of year.

Concerts at The Zoo

This happens most years at the zoo. Even if you’re not a fan of Halloween you can still enjoy all the zoo has to offer.

Movie Marathon

I’m sure you been to a spooky movie marathon, either at a local cinema or at someone’s home. If not, maybe think of going to one or doing one yourself at home. From Carrie to Freddy, there is no limit to the amount of horror movies you could show.

Spooky Halloween Costumes

One of the first things I think is important to do when making costumes is to think about what type of creatures would be appropriate to dress up as well as what kind of monsters you and your friends would use to scare friends and family.

I think you can tell that I love Halloween because I am a huge geek and I love everything about it! But the Halloween season comes and goes, and sometimes the kids get bored of costumes so they want to go trick or treating instead or take part in other activities like playing with Halloween decorations or, pretending to be zombies! So, if you are looking for some Halloween costumes on the cheap, then consider making them yourself or, there’s always amazon.

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