SimCity, the game that changed everything

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During the early days of the PC, a game called SimCity was released. The game was well received but some felt its success wasn’t based on its gameplay, but on the fact that a new city could be created the way in which the computer had never dealt with: as if it were Lego. The game proved the PCs were capable of a great deal, and that it was a new thing to imagine that computers could create new cities.

Children were just beginning to realize this as the first personal computers, and we saw that in the early 1990s all the potential of technology in terms of the potential we had, and so we were very much looking forward to it.

The possibility’s. Endless

The idea of creating a city in 3D on a computer was a unique but not too difficult one. With a basic understanding of 3D and a graphics program, a city could be created.

That ability to create new cities is what led to the creation of SimCity itself. The game, released in 1990, is the best-selling PC game of all time and a modern classic. In fact, the game was one of the original games made with the aim being to recreate every aspect of a city as accurately as possible. People played games that tried to recreate real life, so there was a growing interest in that world for a lot of people.

The game’s developers took this idea and put it on steroids. You can design your city into the exact size and shape you want it. What you won’t find are any roads or houses because they were not built into the city to begin with. All of this is accomplished to create more realistic scenes:

The success of SimCity

What makes SimCity so successful is that it shows that city-building can be done on PCs as well as its consoles. The game is also a popular simulator, though its popularity may have peaked a few years ago when other titles hit the market.


Since this, many more games have taken on the same basic idea. To have a form of escape from reality if only for a few hours where you can recreate a character, almost a second life. A game where you can achieve endless possibility with a platform that allows you to build or grow. Games like Minecraft for an example, a very simple design with a goal or ending of your choice, and where you can create anything you can create in your mind. Minecraft has now become one of the biggest games on earth. So, what games today will inspire the games of tomorrow and what impact will that have on us?

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