How to choose the correct domain name for your site

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How to make your own website

Choosing the right Domain Name

The first thing that most people consider when choosing a domain name is the domain name itself. If the  name is good, you will receive many visitors. If the  name is not good, you will not receive many visitors. The  name is a way to identify a particular website. Therefore, it is very important that your domain name is good.

In addition to the website name is quality, you will receive much better traffic if you choose a domain name that your visitors remember easily, that is, one that is easy to type in the URL bar or search engine. A good domain name is a great way for visitors to remember your site for the future.

The website domain that you are considering should be available in many different languages. It is important to think about how your audience will use your website name. What do most people do for information such as health and finance? Some visitors need to use a special code or URL prefix to access your site.

Target the correct keywords

A good domain name should include the keywords that your visitors will expect to find. For example, you will want to include your site’s name and a few keywords related to your product/service.

You can choose a variety of domain names to reflect the needs of your online business, but you should keep in mind that choosing a domain name that is difficult to remember will make your online identity appears weaker. This is not a good thing as visitors will lose confidence in your site.

Make it easy to remember

A good domain name should be easily pronounceable. You may want to include numbers in your domain name, such as 12345. This is not a very good idea as visitors may be less likely to recognize your domain name when read in this way. Afterall, can you think of a website with a number in it? There are a many with numbers but very few are popular.

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You will want to pick good domains if you plan to provide a reliable, up-to-date mailing list service. However, if you plan to use your domain to advertise your services, or to make advertising/sales calls to your visitors’ homes, then you may want to choose a domain with a more specific meaning. For example, if your business sells the latest sports equipment, consider using domain names such as

Make sure you have a good website name that you can refer to regularly over the phone, at Web forums, or in the email list you develop once your business is established.

Descriptive and to the point

Another type of domain name you might consider is descriptive. If your business sells a service with an online component such as web hosting, WordPress, or a web host, then a descriptive domain name such as will be more likely to stand out in a sea of generic website names.

Choose the right hosting service

The next step would be to find hosting and either someone to design your site, or you could use a service where you easily build the site on their website by simply dragging objects around. This wouldn’t be advisable for a site where you want traffic without advertising. This would be good for small local businesses such as plumbers, electricians and mechanics. If you have a product that you would like to market nationally or even internationally, then you would be better finding a web designer to make a unique professional website.

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