How does the Mormon church work?

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The Governing Body of the Mormon Church is an extraordinary body, a remarkable body of men and women, who are responsible for the Church’s growth and development. They are charged with the care of the Church’s finances, the management of its property, and the direction of its operations. They are responsible for the Church’s decisions and for the Church’s policies. They are also charged with the Church’s mission. They are called upon to carry out the Church’s laws, to govern the Church’s affairs, and to speak for its voice in political affairs. Thus, the members of the Council of the Twelve and the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles serve, together, as the leadership organization for the entire Church.

In addition to their responsibilities as senior leaders. (The senior leaders have other responsibilities) During their lifetimes, they are called upon to bear witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to instruct the youth and others to bear gospel witness. As members of their Church they are called upon to keep the commandments of God, to fulfill the covenants they have made, and to keep the standards of the Church. By their teaching and their witness, the senior leaders of the Church are responsible for strengthening, protecting, and guiding the entire body of the Saints. The members of the Council of the Twelve and the Quorum of the Twelve, together with the Presiding Bishopric and the four General Authorities, are accountable to the Lord for the lives of the Saints. n this way, the members of the Council of the Twelve assist the Prophet Joseph Smith in the formulation of the doctrine of the Church.

Because of the nature of their work, their responsibility, and the responsibility of their leaders, Latter-day Saints are able to obtain a fuller understanding of the position and the nature of the Presidency; they are able to recognize a President’s “calling of the priesthood,” as well as the President’s appointment to office. The Church is made up of two principal branches, each possessing a separate quorum, but a central office or “center” is represented in the Church by the Presidency of the Twelve.

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