Are you ready for the Biden – Trump presidential debate?

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Tonight at 9pm Donald Trump and Joe Biden fight it out. Will this be anything like the Trump – Clinton debate? We all remember it like it was yesterday. Its been years and we still know and love the Trump / Clinton meme’s that will probably circle for the next four years.

These debates can have long lasting effects in our memory as well as the image of our country both here and around the world. Afterall, we are selecting the leader of the free world. I still remember the Obama – Romney debate where it felt like Mitt Romney declared war on China and the Trump – Clinton debate where trump said he would lock Hillary away in prison.

So, what will most likely come out in this debate? There are two things we all really want answers to. Taxes and the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Only days ago, China announced they have a vaccine and are hoping to deliver one billion around the world at a price of around $88 per vaccine. The US has already responded with views that they would rather buy into a UK Oxford vaccine that will cost around $4 a shot.

The Tax Debate:

It is expected that Donald Trump will try to avoid the tax issue as much as possible as the recent news of his $750 tax payment in 2016 during his first year in office. Compare that to the $5000 paid by fire fighters or even the $10 000 paid by some nurses. This is sure to be Bidens main focus, if not the corona virus.

During the 2016 Trump – Clinton debate, Hillary went after Trumps taxes. However, we all know how that went. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, she was not able to obtain his tax returns. Fortunately for Biden, he has some hard evidence in his corner. When Hillary made a statement regarding Trump not paying taxes, where she said that money was for our troops and Trump responded that he didn’t pay because he was smart. Many thought that would have backfired on him. Yet we now call him Mr President. So, is Trump exempt from public opinion? He has grabbed the Presidency by the… Let’s just say, Trump has a way of getting out of bad situations. No one knows how he gets away with it, but he does. So, does it really matter what is said in these debates. There are hard core Trump supports and there are people who would rather have “Anyone else”.


I’m sure you know all about this one, unless you have been living under a rock. Even then I’m sure you would know about it. The big questions here will most likely be around the vaccine and the economy. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind how bad the US and the rest of the world has been hit by this “China Virus”, I couldn’t resist. The US needs to get back to work and the people need a steady income. I for one would really like to hear a plan regarding the recovery of the economy as well as the eradication of this horrible disease. But remember it’s live. So, anything can happen. Maybe even a red shirt wearing, Ken Bone will steal the show. This is our history, our story. Be apart of it.

So, get some popcorn, put your feet up, and tune in to what is expected to be a riveting and somewhat exiting debate for the top job. It will last for a full 90 minutes and starts at 9pm Eastern Time (ET).


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